Zora: The Coming of The Sun

Thank you, Fundraising and updates

Arvia WalkerComment

Thank each and every one of you for your support on this project.  We were able to reach 77% of our goal and will soon be working towards launching #DearBlackGirl.

Thank you all for your patience and grace while we unfold and take space to rest. #DearBlackGirl will be launched in the near future. Please be on the lookout for event date(s), announcements and updates.

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With Love and Solidarity.


So much love, so much gratitude- Our Contributors

Arvia WalkerComment

Thank you to each one of you who were able to contribute to this project and help us begin to bring it to reality. Thank you to each one of you who have been with us in spirit and have sent all of the good energy and vibes out. Y’all are the dopest.

Our Contributors:

Aegeremia, Alyssa Roth, Amanda Rodhe, Andrea Stinson, Angela Whitford, Ana Maria Rivera, Brett davidson, Candice Cori, Chelsie Ricks, Claudine Constant-Fox, Daniela Rodriguez, Diana Martinez, Duane Campbell, Ehryn Barthelme, Elizabeth Hammond, Erica Crowley, Erin Livensparger, Farron Harvey, Gina Chirichigno, Gretchen Raffa, Hanifa Nayo Washington, Ingrid Alvarez, Izzi Greenberg, Jacquelynn Garofano, Jelmarie Maldonado. Jennette Morgan, Jess B, Josh and Emily Walker, joyfulpeacefu, lJuancarlos Soto, Kate Farrar, Kaylah Smith, Kacey Perkins, LaDonna Ellis, Laura Minor, Maddie Granato, Mallory Morris, Mary Price, Melinda Johnson, Michele Holt-Shannon, Michelle Noehren, Nicole Scrivano, Patrick Comerford, Ratasha Smith, Robyn Porter, Ruth V Hazzard, Sally Grossman, Sarah Roy, Sean Matthews, Shannon Raider-Ginsburg, Susie. Schon, Takina Pollock, Taraneh Sarrafzadeh, Tashi Sanchez-Llaury, Theresa Govert, Toni Walker and 12 anonymous contributors